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Health isn't about covering up symptoms

Everyone asks me how to get healthy. The only way to heal your body is to learn how it works. Your belief systems have made you and are keeping you sick. If we take what we learned when we were 4 n 6 n 10 n reexamine those “truths” against science, we come up with very different answers than the ones we thought were true. Most of the beliefs we carry we learned in our childhood, when things we learned were just absolutes.. we didn’t have adult reasoning to deduce truth or life experiences to measure new information against. We learned that milk does a body good, our diets should be mostly grains and our DNA decides our FATE. You learned that the Dr. was the expert on keeping you healthy . You learned that you took Pepto Bismol (contains Bismuth.. look it up)  for a tummy ache and Tylenol for a headache ( do you know how many Tylenol related deaths happen yearly??? ) or to reduce a fever ( the body’s first defense to fight off infection, we’re TAUGHT to interrupt that process???!!) Are we ever  that it depletes glutathione?? Making your blood brain barrier (what’s designed to protect your brain from toxins getting in) permeable? Do you know what Glutathione is?? And why the heck didn’t they teach us about THAT in school??? My point is, is that no one can act upon something they don’t believe. The only way to change those things is to question what you think you know. If you’re operating on a belief that is just false, your results can never be right.


Here’s an example. My 9 1/2 year old son found a bag of organic raw cane sugar in the freezer (I’d picked up to make pickles) he printed out a skull n crossbones n taped it on the bag... that’s how I found it (he did it completely on his own lol). Needless to say I chose another recipe (sour mustard, Daddy’s favorite) without sugar. Same principle I mentioned. I’ve taught him at an absolute age that sugar is poison.. I’ve gone a step further by giving him all the science research and data .. now that he’s 9 1/2...but when he was six it was just my say so and he wasn't as sure lol. Until recently when he started learning the whys.. now it’s HIS BELIEF.. and it’s a beautiful thing. I come upon him talking to his peers ( children he meets at shows we go to especially), explaining to them not only that dairy is bad for the body and more importantly WHY... MOST importantly? In a way OTHER kids can understand (if not believe as yet.. especially when it comes to ice cream lol). What children need is the same thing we all need, to have the CORRECT information, how the human body works. As a parent it’s your job to teach them, no one else is going to. It isn’t hard to eat healthy but it sure is EASY to just do what everyone else is doing.


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