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Jasmine Absolute.. ABSOLUTELY my favorite oil for my face and hair


Jasmine essential absolute is among the most precious, heavenly, exotic and valuable beauty oils in the world. Extracted from the Jasmine flower, which only blooms at night, it's intoxicatingly sweet fragrance is associated with love and romance. Jasmine has been a main ingredient in many perfumes for centuries, such as in the famous Chanel No 5. Jasmine also has some amazingly beneficial skin improving qualities that it is highly prized for.



Jasmine's antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral qualities are an effective treatment for skin irritations, eczema, rashes, dermatitis and acne. It can also speed up the healing of wounds and reduction of red irritation and inflammation. Combine it with other powerful antiseptics such as lavender and tea tree for even more stunning results.


Fades Scars, Stretch Marks and Wrinkles

Jasmine's high content of anti-oxidants protect the skin from free-radicals like UV rays and pollution that cause premature aging. Due to this, it's beneficial for fading scars stretch marks, dark spots and improving skin elasticity. Jasmine will help to keep skin looking young and supple.


Jasmine has traditionally been used to restore skin luster and helps balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness without clogging pores. Often times, acne-prone skin is dehydrated, which triggers an overproduction of sebum which causes acne. Jasmine will naturally hydrate skin to balance sebum production.


Mood Booster

Breathing in the scent of jasmine has the power to release feel-good brain chemicals that energize as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Apply Jasmine topically or as aromatherapy to boost energy levels and stimulate the brain, creating a sense of emotional well-being. How does your mood relate to your skin? A relaxed face won't cause worry lines, a furrowed brow or frown lines. A happy body is a healthy youthful body!

Sleep Aid

Jasmine has natural sedative qualities. It's calming effect can help you relax at bedtime making it easier to fall asleep and avoiding restlessness. Sleep is one of the keys to healthy skin; not only does sleep keep you looking refreshed and rested, it is the time when your skin does much of it's repairing and regenerating. Your body does important work while you sleep when its energy is not being exerted on daytime tasks, which means all that energy is being used to detoxify, digest and regenerate skin tissues. So rub a little jasmine onto your skin at night and fall into a deep restful beauty sleep.


Jasmine oil, can help with different scalp conditions from. extremely dry scalp, scalp psoriasis and may help with dandruff. In addition to this, Jasmine’s antiseptic properties help eliminate any bad bacteria from the scalp and thus reduce scalp acne and other annoying conditions.

Coming from the standpoint of a natural healer, jasmine essential oil prevents infections and its nutritional attributes restore hair follicles as well as skin, which helps to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair elasticity. Since we’re all about natural beauty, we figured for a smooth, balanced mane we had to share this bonus value!


Are you craving a jasmine indulgence yet? I absolutely adore Jasmine and it literally makes me smile inside when I smell it.


So to sum it up what doesn’t  jasmine oil do for your body especially your  skin and hair??!!

When used in skincare, jasmine essential oil acts as an effective antibacterial, soothing dry skin and eczema and increasing cell turnover to lighten the appearance of scars. Treating skin imbalances holistically, jasmine balances hormone levels and works as a formidable stress-reducing therapy.
Jasmine absolute happens to be my favorite essential oil (for topical use) of all time which is why we used so much of it in our new GLOW face/hair oil serum. The Jasmine Grandifleur Absolute is a shining star in this amazing formula!! There are a small handful of other oils almost as rare as Jasmine Absolute and we made sure to include them also!! Don’t spend money on toxic beauty products when all we’ve ever needed has already been given to us!

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  • Is Glow still available? I have dry, rosacea skin and trying to put together the right products for a daily routine. Suggestions? I thought you had a skin care kit – was it discontinued?


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