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Lyme B Gone System LBG Beat Lyme
Lyme B Gone System LBG Beat Lyme

Lyme B Gone System LBG Beat Lyme

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There is so much controversy around Lyme disease because most doctors don’t understand it. Even many doctors, who consider themselves experts, do not completely comprehend its complexities. It's not uncommon for many people to harbor Borrelia and not know it; stealth is this microbe’s middle name.

If immune function is strong and hardy, a person can harbor these types of microbes indefinitely without even having symptoms. When illness does occur, it’s typically chronic and debilitating, but not life-threatening. Additionally, the degree of chronic illness is highly variable. Some people are severely debilitated, while others are only marginally miserable. 

What You Need to Know About Borrelia

  • Borrelia rarely causes life-threatening illness, but it can make you desperately miserable for a lifetime.
  • There are 20 known species of Borrelia that can cause human illness (not just Borrelia burgdorferi), and it is not uncommon for people with Lyme disease to harbor at least two species.
  • Beyond Borrelia, there are hundreds of species of stealth-type microbes that can be transmitted by ticks. Mycoplasma and Bartonella are the most common, but there are many many others. Most everyone on the planet harbors some stealth microbes without knowing it.
  • All these factors make Lyme disease extremely difficult to diagnose; lab tests are notoriously unreliable, especially in chronic illness.
  • Because Borrelia is so difficult to diagnose and can be harbored without causing symptoms, no one really knows how many carriers there are worldwide.

          The more I've learned about the microbiome, I began to understand why antibiotics are not necessarily a good treatment for chronic Lyme disease. Though some people do overcome Lyme disease with antibiotics, it doesn’t occur consistently enough to be considered reliable. To date, no clinical studies have shown benefit from long-term antibiotic therapy for chronic Lyme disease. WOW 

Read that last statement in BOLD again.... so why do they keep prescribing them? Reread the first statement at the top and you will begin to understand why.


7 Reasons to Choose Herbs:

#1. Herbs provide a wide spectrum of antimicrobial properties*

#2. Using multiple herbs together is synergistic*

#3. Herbs are inherently safe*

#4. Herbs enhance immune functions*

#5. Herbs support a balanced microbiome*

#6. Herbs help the body deal with biofilms and cyst forms*

#7. Herbs provide a wide spectrum of other benefits*


This is a 3 part system to address Acute as well as chronic Lyme as well as many coinfections that are commonly present With Lyme disease 

32 oz Colloidal Silver

Elixir : Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Teasel Root, Andographis herb, Astragalus root, Red Root, Japanese Knotweed, Stinging Nettle leaf, Camu Camu berries, licorice root, turmeric root, Dandelion root,Yarrow leaf/flower, Stevia leaf.

Tincture: USP grade Glycerin, Purified Water, Cats claw, Pine bark, Hawthorn berry, Cordyceps mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Lomatium root, skullcapherb, Lions Mane mushroom, Sasparilla, Garlic, Devils Claw root, Stevia leaf, Astragalus root and Yellowdock herb.

Suggested Use: Take all 3 products 2x daily. 1 tbsp each of Elixir and Colloidal Silver twice daily, take 20 drops  (1ml) of tincture twice daily.

For information on recommended full, individualized  Lyme protocol (chronic illness also applies, Epstein Barre, MS, Hepatitis, HIV, Cancer and more) please message me. It varies slightly ( depending on person from $350-400 per month for all ( including 2 products not my own).

NOTE: Lomatium Root can cause a temporary full body rash the first time using it though it’s not common when combined with the proper supporting herbs. It’s completely harmless and no cause for alarm and typically subsides within a couple days and doesn’t come back.*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.