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Essiac Herbs 8 herb formula Including Sheep Sorrel ROOT (20%)
Essiac Herbs 8 herb formula Including Sheep Sorrel ROOT (20%)
Essiac Herbs 8 herb formula Including Sheep Sorrel ROOT (20%)

Essiac Herbs 8 herb formula Including Sheep Sorrel ROOT (20%)

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 It appears that Essiac’s  primary actions are to remove heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels and rebuild the immune system. All of these effects help restore the body to a level to where it is able to better defeat illness using its own resources. In other words, Essiac''s natural healing herbs rebuild the immune system and improve the body's strength and capacity to fight off illness and disease.

It also is very effective for cats and dogs with cancer or many other chronic diseases, Read this amazing testimonial

Blessed Thistle: is used for digestive problems, such as gas, constipation and upset stomach. This herb is also used for liver and gallbladder disease, Read more

Burdock Root:is a mild diuretic. It increases the production of both urine and sweat, potentially making it useful in treating swelling and fever. Burdock root might play a role in preventing liver damage caused by alcohol, chemicals or medications. The exact reason for this protective effect is not known but it is thought to involve opposition of a chemical process called oxidation, One result of oxidation is the release of free radicals, which are chemicals that may suppress the immune function and have been linked with cancer, Antioxidants such as Burdock may protect the body cells from damage caused by oxidation. Read more

Kelp: is a sea vegetable that is a concentrated source of minerals, including iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Kelp as a source of iodine assists in making thyroid hormones, which are necessary for maintaining normal  metabolism in all cells of the body, This increases energy levels, boosts the immune system and makes it easier to maintain a healthy body weight, Read more

Red Clover:  is a source of many valuable nutrients, including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Red Clover is also a rich source of isoflavones, that have been studied for their effectiveness in treating some forms of cancer. It is thought that the isoflavones prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and that they may even destroy cancer cells. Read more

Sheep Sorrel (and root): contains an abundance of oxalic acid, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, beta carotene and vitamin C. Sheep sorrel is a mild diuretic, mild antiseptic and a mild laxative. These properties make sheep sorrel useful for ridding the body of toxins. Read more

Slippery Elm bark: Slippery elm bark has a centuries-long tradition of being used for a number of health-related issues, most notably cancer, skin conditions, and respiratory tract infections. It is generally believed to be safe with no serious side effects or contraindications. Read more

Turkish Rhubarb Root: This detoxifying herb is world-famous for its healing properties, Rhubarb root purges the body of bile, parasites and stagnated food by stimulating the gall duct to expel toxic waste matter. It cleanses the liver, improves digestion and increases the appetite. It also has been shown to heal ulcers, alleviate conditions of the spleen and colon, Read more

Watercress: Abundant in vitamin C, watercress is used as a general tonic, and its bitter taste stimulates bile and aids digestion, nervous disorders and liver disorders, It contains a remarkable substance called Rhein which inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines. Read more

Resealable 1 oz ( makes 1 qt of concentrate) or 4 oz (makes 4 quarts of concentrate).

All herbs are certified organic and 100% non irradiated  and should never be strained out, but stirred into every dose! 

Ingredients: Blessed Thistle, Burdock Root, Kelp, Red clover, Sheep Sorrel plant ( 20% root included), Slippery Elm bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Watercress.

Suggested usage depends and varies. An aggressive dose is 2-3 oz of concentrate 3 times a day. A maintenance dose or detox dose can be 1-3 oz 1-3 times daily. Essiac should always be taken on an empty stomach at least 2 hours after eating and 1 hour before eating. It’s also best consumed cold with no reheating. Keep reading for more information about ingredients and benefits you may experience with Essiac.

Here are some reported effects of Essiac  in the body

Prevents the buildup of harmful fatty deposits in arterial walls, the heart, the kidneys and liver.

Regulates cholesterol levels by converting sugars and fats into energy.

Destroys parasites in the digestive system and throughout the body.

Helps counteract the harmful effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning that can cause illness and disease.

Neutralizes and eliminates acids and toxins in the bowel.

Promotes the absorption of fluids in body tissues.

Removes toxic accumulations that build up in body fat, lymph tissues, bone marrow, the bladder and alimentary canals.

Reduces and eliminates heavy metal deposits in tissues. 

Assists the liver in production of lecithin.

Purifies the blood.

Increases the body's ability to utilize oxygen by increasing the oxygen levels in cells

Protects against toxins entering the brain.

Protects the body against the harmful effects of radiation and xrays.

Inhibits benign and malignant tumor growth.

Increases energy and feelings of well being. 

Some conditions aside from cancer that benefit from Essiac

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol



Chronic pain ( Fibromyalgia)


Liver Kidney and Bladder problems

Colon trouble ( IBS)

Fluid retention

Asthma and Allergies

Hepatitis C


 * These  statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.