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Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask
Magic Mask

Magic Mask

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The name says it all! This mask/polisher is MAGIC. 
Full of ūüíĮ % organic and clean, ¬†potent ingredients to heal and reveal the magic of nature and your face!*

As effective as a chemical peel but in the convenience of your own home with purely organic natural botanicals and without the harshness!

See the difference after only 1 use!! See the difference after a month! We guarantee you will love it!

Matcha is anti bacterial and contains incredibly high levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is helpful in reducing inflammation and to even skin tone. The antioxidants are also known for reducing acne and increasing skin elasticity.*

Zeolite removes the daily pollution by deeply cleansing,purifying and detoxifying your skin. Zeolite used as a skin acne treatment,clears blackheads by unclogging pores, it also can clear and prevent pimples, and yes it is a great anti-oxidant protector.*

Camu Camu Berry   Packed with vitamin C,  it's no surprise that the camu camu berries serve as an incredible brightening agent. This little gem not only helps combat pigmentation, but it also helps exfoliate dead skin cells, hence giving your skin a healthy glow!*

Cacao¬†contains omega-6 fatty acids‚ÄĒwhich are beneficial for you¬†¬†when taken internally and applied topically‚ÄĒmaking your complexion look and feel plump, dewy, and hydrated. ... It contains sky-high levels of antioxidants called flavonoids, great for protecting the skin from free radicals. Studies¬†show applying raw cacao offers a lot of the same benefits as eating it. The high levels of antioxidants protect and repair the skin from damage and premature aging. And as a potent anti-inflammatory, it soothes redness and blemishes, improving the skin's complexion.*

Green Tea’s  anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce skin irritation, skin redness, and swelling. Applying green tea to your skin can soothe minor cuts and sunburn, too. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, studies have also found topical green tea to be an effective remedy for many dermatological conditions.*

Broccoli Seed Oil Broccoli seed oil is unique because of its powerful antioxidants, and its unique combination of essential fatty acids. Light, non-greasy, and easily absorbed, it’s actually similar in feel to the chemical silicones you’ll find in other skin and hair-care products. Broccoli seed oil also contains vitamin A, C and K as well as B vitamins.*

Tamarind Seed Extract  (TSE) In one recent study, Tamarind Seed extract found to outperform Hyalauronic Acid in skin moisturization, and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. They also discovered TSE was able to neutralise free radicals and thus protect cells from damage which contributes to ageing. A 2011 study showed that the anti-oxidants along with a high content of a particular protein in TSE, could promote collagen synthesis and wound healing. The list of benefits of TSE for skincare formulations is a long one; the extract has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and cancer fighting properties.*

Camellia oil A natural source of antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin A and B. The antioxidant composition of the oil is probably the most notable reason for its anti-aging abilities, as these help to improve skin elasticity , nourish skin cells, and prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. A rich source of Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids, as well as numerous anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants.*

4 oz jar

Use once a week for a  gently exfoliating, skin renewing and brightening detox for your face! Reveal your inner glow! Use after using our Triple Tea Cleaner or clarifying charcoal cleanser.  Spread over face and jawline, carefully avoid eyes. Leave on 5-15 minutes, remove with warm water in a circular motion to gently exfoliate. *
Due to the natural nature of this product some slight separation may occur, stir gently before use.

Ingredients:  Organic cold pressed Avocado oil, Organic cold pressed Olive fruit oil, Raw Organic Cacao, Premium grade Organic Matcha powder, Organic Camu Camu berry powder, Micronized Zeolites, Pink Kaolin Clay,Organic Plantain leaf,Organic Calendula flower, Organic Nettles,  Organic Green tea leaf, Organic St. John’s wort, Organic Evening Primrose oil, Organic Rosehip seed oil, Organic Shea butter, Organic Aloe, Raw local honey, Organic Broccoli seed oil, USP non gmo plant glycerine, Organic Tamarind seed extract, Organic Rosemary CO2 extract, Xyliance (vegan plant based emulsifier), carrot seed oil, Organic Camellia essential oil, Organic lemon distillate, Organic Frankincense essential oil  (Boswelia Carterii), Vitamin E 

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease