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Melon Rose’
Melon Rose’

Melon Rose’

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Bottle Size: 12.3oz

Shelf Life: 60 Days

Certifications: NOP Organic, Kosher, Certified R.A.W

Ingredients: Watermelon, Rose Water, Lemon, Mint, Baobab, Vegan Probiotic


Pink Moroccan Roses are steeped 18 hours in water before combined 50/50 with organic Watermelon juice. We finely grind Mint leaves with fresh lemon and infuse 5000 mg of African Baobab. We can't call it a bonafide youth serum but it's probably the next best thing.

Best consumed Midday to Evening

Nutrition Facts:

55% Juice | Calories 80 | Sugar 14g | Protein 1g | Vitamin C 40% | Vitamin A 20% | Calcium 4%