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A little introduction

My name is Charity Berry and I am the founder of the Berry Good Elixir company. I am a certified natural health consultant and herbalist. I hold a couple dozen other certifications in Plant Medicine, Combating disease with herbs, Epigenetics, Nutrition and Plant Nutrition, Cancer in the 21st century, with focus being on nutrition, herbs, cancer and childhood issues such as ASD, childhood obesity and diabetes. For years I have spent hours every single day answering dozens (many times more) of messages. I started this business because I have such a hard time finding quality remedies that work for my own family, because I have a passion for plant medicine and herbs. So many have been given so much information that is just wrong, and or confusing and have no idea where to start. I will help every and any person who asks. I believe food is the key and makes the most difference. I’m not here just to sell you a bottle of Elixir. I can help you change your health and ,I can help you change your life. I can help you regain your health and I don’t charge one dime for it. Doctors hand out pills and fear, and neither heals. I want people to KNOW that there is real hope and help. Our medical system works to put a name to your symptoms so that they know which pill to prescribe, and bill your insurance company for. No one asks why is this happening, what is the cause? Or, how can we make it stop. That's my goal. .

Reach out to me

I am here to help you live the life you want.I want to share all my years of experience and knowledge with you! Please click here to email me.
Also visit your juicing community by scrolling down and clicking the Facebook link. Talk with you soon, Charity.