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Only you can change your health

You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent, you're not stuck, you have choices. You can think new thoughts, learn new things and create new habits. All that matters, is to get different results, you must make different choices.

At The Berry Good Elixir Company we understand safety is of utmost importance when choosing supplements . All of our proprietary tinctured blends are produced in an FDA regulated and inspected facility. They are all certified organic, non gmo, free from corn, soy, wheat, sugar, or alcohol.

We at The Berry Good Elixir company know that sadly, even organically grown is not enough these days. Cross contamination  and toxic accidents have made our soil unpredictable at best, and in many cases TOXIC.  All of our herbs are 3rd party tested for even traces of heavy metals and contamination.

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Children's formulas

Even though the FDA does not regulate the supplement market, they’ve allowed over 3,000 food additives on their list of approved ingredients. None of which you will ever find in a supplement from The Berry Good Elixir Company. Our line of tinctures for children is  one of THE top priorities as we started this business because it was impossible for our Founder to find safe, pure and effective supplements for her own son. Our children's formulas are free of ANY additives,preservatives, chemicals, coloring, sugar, corn, soy, wheat, dairy or anything but plants, purified water and organic kosher plant derived glycerin. Our goal is to provide you with the cleanest, most bioavailable and most natural cellular nutrition to give your growing children everything they need to grow and be healthy with nothing they don't.

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Pet Formulas

If you're like we are, our fur babies are valuable and well loved parts of our family. We never get enough years with them and do the best we can to keep them healthy and happy during the time we have them to love. We work hard to make sure we treat them as naturally as we do ourselves. In a world of chemical medication, our pets are now diagnosed with many illnesses that seem distinctly human, and treated with many of the same toxic medications. We have worked tirelessly to provide your furry family members with the same effective, safe, plant based alternatives that we use on our own furry family members.

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