About Us

My name is Charity Berry and I am the  founder of The Berry Good Elixir company. I am a certified natural health consultant/mentor and trained herbalist. I live with my husband Scott and almost 11 year old son Matthew in Greenbush, Maine. I am certified in many areas of study including, Plant based Medicine, Combating disease with herbs, Epigenetics, Plant based Nutrition, Cancer in the 21st century and Exercise RX for the prevention and treatment of disease to name a few. For the last 5-6 years my studies have had a big focus on nutrition and weight loss, herb synergy, cancer and many childhood issues such as ASD, childhood obesity and diabetes. Almost 2 years ago I started The Berry Good Elixir Company because I had such a hard time finding quality supplements and remedies for my own family and clients, and I wanted to teach people that plants are powerful medicine, addressing both the deficiencies and toxicity that cause and contribute to all disease. I teach people that they aren’t doomed by bad genetics and that they alone have the power to change their health. My passion in life is helping people to discover the tools to change their health and their lives.
In a perfect world your diet would include every nutrient, vitamin, and mineral in the required amount, down to the last atom. But none of us come from this place of optimal health. We make decisions every day that either help or harm us. The majority of our choices comes from what’s being delivered to us by marketing firms and pharmaceutical companies. We accept whatever is put before us and accept it as truth, without questioning ‘why’ and ‘how.’ This is why so many Americans are suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, cancer, the list goes on. The cure to our dis-ease is not a magic pill or a tincture. Health is a choice (and not always an easy one) and one that you have to make if you want to see a change. Healing is in your hands and is readily available to you at all times. 
Our herbal tinctures contain plant nutrients that work in synergy with each other to give your body an optimal level of support on your journey to healing. The Berry Good Elixir Company products contain no petroleum derivatives or chemicals that disrupt this synergy. All blends are organic, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan. We also avoid any common allergens and sources of inflammation found to be in corn, soy, sugar , alcohol and dairy. We use only tested herbs and organic non-GMO glycerin...pure and simple.
Our products come from seekers and searchers, people who want to know why we feel the way we do, what can be fixed, and how we can create synergy and harmony in our bodies with our blends. In our industry, the purer the ingredients, the safer and more effective they will be for you and your family. There’s a reason the cheapest brands on the shelves and online are usually the worst bargains. In addition, nutrients presented in the wrong form may be doing you more harm than good. We want to give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience. We want to provide you with the highest-quality ingredients, in the most optimal blends, with absolutely no additives and fillers to create supplements that support your journey to health.
Remember, if what you are taking now is not making you feel better maybe it’s time to ask why. Do not be fooled by expensive supplements either. Read the label.